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Community Based comprehension tests

It is a shame duolingo doesn't have something like groups where people can challenge each other like and act as teacher/students.

So, I actually thought of something very similar to this (Challenge: Write a simple 5-sentence story! - http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/899284) but actually to help us in comprehension. For example, if we take the stories from that thread , and make up questions based on it. Then the users can answer questions to see how well they understand.


Little John and his sister went home. Julie his sister opened the door and found a hat and a black cat.

Le petit John et sa soeur aller la maison. Julie, sa soeur ouvre la porte et trouve un chapeau et un chat noir.

Q: Who is Julie?
Q: Qui est Julie?
Q: Who is John?
Q: Qui est John?

October 4, 2013


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