"Usono, Kanado, kaj Meksiko estas en Nord-Ameriko."

Translation:The United States, Canada, and Mexico are in North America.

June 12, 2015

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+1 for using the Oxford comma.


I was looking for a comment on the Oxford comma :P


Does this mean anything in Esperanto? I have only seen comma rule so far and that is after "kaj, ke, etc."


It accepted 'America, Canada, and Mexico are in North America.'


Being pedantic I have to say that there are 2 United States in North America. Check it out, it's true: Estados Unidos Mexicanos and the United States of America. :)


Right; Estados Unidos Mexicanos is the official name of Mexico.


I am confused about country names, language names and country citizens - Is there some spelling convention to know which is which?


When I translate Usono by : the Unites States, it is seen as a wrong word, in stead of "you have a typo". I do not see clear why wrong letters sometimes are seen as "a typo" and sometimes as wrong word.


I think it's counted as a typo only if you typed something that doesn't mean anything, like "Unkted" for example. If the word you type means something, the machine cannot know if you mistyped or if you used a word wrongfully.

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