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"Como é o processo para fazer queijo?"

Translation:What is the process for making cheese?

June 12, 2015



So why use "como" here over "qual" or "que" or "o que"?


You can use "Qual" here too (at least I would, but it may be a EP vs. BP distinction); "como" just emphasizes the idea of process - "What is the process like?" (what stages are involved in said process).


ohhhhhh, gotcha! Thanks! I thought it was a sentence where you can use "cual" but I'm glad you cleared that up. Cheers.


You're welcome - I'll leave an actual Brazilian citizen (or BP student) to give a definite answer on whether "qual" could be used here (it's one of the things where practice differs quite a lot on both sides of the Atlantic).


The english translation here is completely wrong. "How is the process to make cheese" sounds like gibberish in english.

[deactivated user]

    That's true! More like "How do you make cheese" is the correct answer.


    "What is the cheese making process" should be accepted too?


    Absolutely it should be .


    Well... it has the same meaning. But the "construction" of the statement is slightly different. Sometimes duoling just want us to be more precise about the translations. But indeed, I'm ok with this translation as a native portuguese speaker.


    why not procedure?


    "Como" doesn't sound right. "Paulenrique", can you clarify for us?


    Well, it is pretty common in daily conversations (Brazil). Although it sounds awkward when compared to other languages, it is totally fine.

    You could use "Qual" or "Como" in this case, but it would be slightly different.

    Q: "Qual é o processo para fazer queijo?" A: "Maturação" (Maturation)

    "Qual" works like a pronoun in this case, so consider you are asking which process is used here.

    Q: "Como é o processo para fazer queijo?" A: You take some milk, and you'll need a climatized room, ..." It is a question more "descriptive".


    what is the process for making cheese? = qual é o processo de fazer queijo? = como se faz queijo? = how do you make cheese? both forms mix, then: Como é o processo de fazer queijo?


    Como (how) is used here as "what". Should I imagine it as both?


    I think "como" works better here.

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