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  5. "Eu vou querer mais manteiga."

"Eu vou querer mais manteiga."

Translation:I will want more butter.

October 4, 2013



A palavra manteiga está errada. Ela diz MANTEIRA. Isso não é certo. 13/01/2015


07-06-2015 já foi corrigido ^^


Não foi não :( Ainda está manteiRA


Am i wrong or is "will" supposed never to be followed by "want"?


There might be some kind of technical rule that says you are not supposed to say "will want" in a formal situation or in writing, but I can assure you that, at least in the United States, people say it all the time.

E.g.: "I'll want that money by tomorrow or I'll break your legs." "I'm sure that he will want to learn Portuguese before he gets to Brazil." "She won't know what she'll want after she gets a PhD in existential philosophy."


I will need more butter?

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