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  5. "Are you a famous actor?"

"Are you a famous actor?"

Translation:Er du en berømt skuespiller?

June 12, 2015


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Er du en kendt skuespiller? Is there a big difference between "berømt" og "kendt"?


So, with professions, one would leave out the determiner in a statement, right? E.g. Jeg er skuespiller. Would the use of the adjective mean I had to say "Jeg er en beromt skuespiller" or is it the fact that this is a question that requires the determiner?


The use of the adjective + noun requires the indefinite article in this instance, yeah. You're right, one can say "Jeg er berømt" and "Jeg er skuespiller" without the article, but "Jeg er en berømt skuespiller" requires it. In plural forms, use "nogle" for example "De er nogle kloge kvinder" - "They are (some) clever/smart women".


That's great, thanks. I was kind of surprised we didn't get nogle earlier, at least as far as I remember.


Why is it berømt and not berømte? I thought adjectives always took the e form when they were before the noun.


nah adjectives can be any of the three forms before the noun. the times when they have an e are: after a possessive pronoun/genitive, after den/det, or when describing a plural noun woo but yeah so since skuespiller is an -en noun, there is no added ending


I believe one would use 'berømte' if the question had the definite noun form:

Are you THE famous actor? Er du den berømte skuespiller?

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