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Duo added spanish noun genders in the peeks!

I requested this a couple of weeks ago (I'm not sure if had been asked for by others as well) and now its here! when you peek at a word during a lesson you are now shown the noun gender as well as the translation, awesome.

Thanks Duo Team!!! It will make learning spanish faster for us all.

October 4, 2013



I think it was there before, but didn't always show up. Because I know I've definitely seen it before.


This is essential I think. Many words are obvious, but there are exceptions. For example "la mano" (the hand). What? It ends in 'o', it should be masculine.

Or "el mapa" (the map). Come on, whoever invented this language is just trying to make things difficult. :)

I'm far from fluent, but I do remember when I took Spanish in school that whenever we learned a noun, it was introduced to us with either "el" or "la" to teach us what gender it used.

Similarly verbs were always taught to us in the infinitive form first and then we went on to conjugate them.


The only one I get wrong is el corazón, but Spanish genders are very easy to figure out 95% of the time. Not the case with German lol


yeah I was just tired of getting an answer wrong because of a mistake between el or la, or un vs una, with the rest of the complex sentence being correct :) I try to memorize the noun genders, but when I am in a guess situation I peek


Seems to be only for a subset of users. I do not have it in Spanish (or French for that matter). I am not sure I want it though...might tempt me to not learn it properly. But I guess that is why Duo is testing it. I love that by the way: the fact that they never implement changes for everyone before testing them That is so cool.

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