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"Con quali strumenti?"

Translation:With which instruments?

4 years ago



I would say "With What Instruments" isn't good English - Anybody have information on why it is? Also, I haven't seen exceptions to quale/i=which and che / che cosa/e = what (what things)... is this an error in my understanding?

4 years ago


I think "with what instruments?" is all right. It's not exactly the same as "with which instruments"", which implies that a choice is being made among instruments that already have been identified. I think "quale" could mean either: http://www.wordreference.com/iten/quale

4 years ago


With which instrument? Would be better English. However I see that DL pluralized it and made it like verb rather than a noun. I put "You play with which instrument?" Having the you play implied.... I got it wrong so what do I know?

4 years ago