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"La loĝantaro de Usono estas pli ol tricent milionoj da homoj."

Translation:The population of the United States is more than three hundred million people.

June 12, 2015


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XD the entire sentence was already filled in for me, I didn't need to do anything! Should I report it?

January 8, 2017


It keeps marking me wrong and tells me I should have written "The population of the America...."

May 11, 2018


I believe it should be "the United States," to differentiate it from the rest of the two American continents.

July 25, 2018


The "da" in here somehow threw me off, & with the way most of the rest of this program is written, I thought it wanted an "of".

June 12, 2015


I think loĝantaro could also be translated as inhabitants.

June 24, 2018
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