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"The uncle is where the aunt is."

Translation:Дядько там, де тітка.

June 12, 2015



This letter "є" can be omitted? Or I can write and speak it when I want? Thanks :)


"є" (am/is/are) is almost always ommitted, but in some situations you can use it: "They are students" can be translated as Вони - студенти/Vony - studenty and Вони є студентами/Vony ye studentamy


I always use the verb 'є' ('to be') in speech and in writing Ukrainian. (I am a native speaker.) It just makes more sense to the sentence and it gives 'being' ('to be') concrete 'exsistence'. It also 'makes sense' to new learners of Ukainian language to use the 'є'.

So, it boils down to the age-old question: " To BE, or NOT to BE?" (I'm always FOR Existence...) Use 'Є' if you want. It is correct.


Not really fair in a review when I've never seen ‘є’ before!


What does it mean that "є" in this sentence? It might be the "verb to be"?


є is the present form of бути (to be)


Oh thanks. But it also works for all the subjects? or just for the third singular persons?


In present бути has only this one form (є). In past they are була (feminine), був (masculine), були (plural). There are tons of forms in future: я (I) буду, ми (we) будемо, ти (you sing. informal) будеш, ви (you pl./formal) будете, він/вона/воно (he/she/it) буде, вони (they) будуть


I always use the verb 'Є' ('TO BE') when speaking and writing in Ukrainian. (I am a native speaker.) Grammatically, it 'makes more sense' - esp. to new learners of Ukrainian.

The 'є' gives more 'concrete existence' in a sentence. It is correct to use 'є' if you want.

The age-old question is, " To BE, or NOT to BE?" I choose 'existence'... It's 'more exciting' than 'non-being'. :)


So do people actually use 'там, де' for where in the middle of the sentence or is this just a duolingo error?


Not related to the topic, but does someone know a site where I learn how to write the Ukrainian cyrilics that are not present in the Russian alphabet?


If you mean to type in the Ukrainian alphabet try here: https://ukrainian.typeit.org/


Yeah, me too, quite handy I find ;)

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