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"Er programmeringsspråket gyldig her?"

Translation:Is the programming language valid here?

June 12, 2015



I'm a software engineer, and I have no idea what this means.

[deactivated user]

    "Is the programming language applicable here?" might be a better translation. I immediately had to think of this: http://fun.drno.de/pics/english/writing_device_drivers_with_javascript.png


    Seconded. Unless it means language syntax or something? Is this the Norwegian way of saying that? Hmm. XD


    I am also a software engineer and the way I interpret it is that this language is valid for the operating system, or like Myrtel mentioned, if it is suitable for a given application. In today's day that you can download and install most programming languages in Linux, but it is not the case in commercial operating systems that you needed to buy a license for a given programming language. So, asking if "Er PL/1 gyldig her", it would mean if the language license was purchased and available in an MVS system (as an example).

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