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  5. "My friends are students."

"My friends are students."

Translation:Мої друзі - студенти.

June 12, 2015



why "мої друзі є студентами" is not correct?


Is товариш not a friend? My answer was rejected, but i don't remember any other word used growing up. Is that Russian?


We have it.

Товариш is not that close to you as friend is. He maybe your collegue, some you a spend a lot of time with, who thinks similarly, but he's not your friend yet. Because people need time to become friends. Or may never become friends. So товариш is about common business, hobby, beliefs

For example you study in class with 2 dozens of other kids. You're friends with maybe 2-3-4 of them, but others you also know quite well and having nothing against them. So they're your товариші

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