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  5. "До побачення, моє місто!"

"До побачення, моє місто!"

Translation:Goodbye, my city!

June 12, 2015



Is місто also translated to "town"? Or should it only be used for city?


A lot of languages do not draw a distinction between a town and a city. English is, actually, the odd one here. Місто is used for both.


We have only місто, for both - town and city


You could say city is місто and town is містечко. But usually we don't think baout that much. We just make a difference between city/town (misto) and a village (selo)


could you also translate "До побачення" as something along the lines of: "until we meet again" or something that implies that you are going to return? If this is the case, is it considered right now to have this meaning amongst most people using this phrase or not?


"До побачення" does imply that you are going to return. So there's another word "Прощавай(те)" which you can use if you don't want to see that person again. But it's not something that you would say to, for example, sales person or taxi driver (even though it's not very likely that you will see them again), because you actually might meet them again. And "Прощавай" clears shows that you would rather not. You may say that to your ex-partner, spouse or if you're going to leave your city/country forever :)


Is there a way to say goodbye without presenting any intent to see that person again or not ?


As I said, the word is "Прощавай(те)'


I guess I wasn't clear enough. Lets say that you don't mind seeing that person again but the odds are that you won't, or at least you believe that you won't. ( for example, lets say that someone you know is migrating somewhere and you take it for granted that you aren't going to see him again, as you don't consider yourself to be economically able to do so.) You aren't gonna tell them "see ya" nor anything amongst the lines of:"I don't wanna see you again". So is there a Ukrainian phrase to say goodbye that does not imply any of the two English phrases above(the ones in the " ")


I know бачити means "to see" so I guess this means "until we see each other again?"


Побачення is actually a date/meeting :)


My sister said that this sentence was annoying in English and how it sounds


It also accepts "Farewell, my city", which sounds a bit nicer, at least to my ears.


«До побачення» це «до свидания» російською мовою. А є переклад на російське «пока»? Поки? Бувай?


Yes, actually it is Бувай single, бувайте plural form

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