Tips for Spanish Learners!

-Pay attention to the word before the noun. -Check if the word is plural or not -Practice! -Some words, like paraguas have the same spelling as the plural version, so be careful. leave some tips in the comments! ;)

3 years ago


Mmm, memorize the false-gender words. The rule to identify masculine and female words using the last letter is effective the most of the cases but some words dont follow that rule.

  • For example:

  • Televisión is female. Then when you want to use the article it must be "La televisión"

  • Mar is male and sometimes a lot of people treat it as a female word, so you could to write "El mar" (this one is more correct) or "La mar" (A little bit informal).

  • Canal is a masculine word, then: El canal de televisión / The television channel.



3 years ago

thanks traroloc!

3 years ago
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