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"There are many soft pillows in my bed. Very comfortable!"

Translation:Estas multaj molaj kusenoj en mia lito. Tre komforta!

June 13, 2015



Based on the tips given previously about understanding prepositions literally, I'm very surprised this is "en" and not "sur." Did I miss a nuance? I thought "en mia lito" would mean literally inside the mattress.


It's bothering me that pillow is kuseno instead of kuŝeno. Wouldn't that make the most sense? Is there some other root it's coming from?


It's coussin in French.


Well, the root in Esperanto is kuŝ, not kus. This isn't French. Is it a different root than the one in "kuŝi"? That's what I'm asking.


Yes, it has nothing to do with kuŝi.

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