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I suck at spanish.

This website is fun, but I sure do suck at spanish. Can anyone recommend a book to read before I try this?

May 18, 2012



I can recommend some good websites as compliments to your learning here: http://www.studyspanish.com/ Many free lessons here and excellent explanations of grammatical rules.

http://www.learner.org/series/destinos/watch/ This one takes a lot of ribbing because they e-nun-ci-ate and speak very slowly, but IMO, it is an excellent resource for building vocabulary and practicing listening to native speakers. Plus you get to experience many different accents. I recommend watching it with the closed captioning ON so you can read along in Spanish.

Hope this helps!


@ wataya - my pleasure. If you aren't familiar with the series, it starts off with the most basic of basic Spanish. Each episode builds on vocabulary while increasing in difficulty so by the time you reach episode 50 the language is natural and conversational. It's in the style of a telenovela, so there's romance, betrayal, and intrigue to keep you wanting more ;)


@Gumbee: I just watched the first episode and it looks very promising. (Although I normally don't like telenovelas at all...) The actors speak very slowly and with very clear pronunciation, so even total beginners shouldn't have problems with following along. (For my taste it sometimes it even is a bit too slow and too clear ;-) )


@Gumbee: Thanks a lot for the destinos link. Looks very interesting...


I have tried many different things and one came a clear winner I used to recommend Michel Thomas to anyone but Paul Noble's courses are just that bit better. I also recommend reading comics in Spanish because you get a lot of detail and it keeps the practice interesting.


I'll add memrise.com as another useful complement to this site. Memrise is all about teaching you the vocabulary. This site is all about teaching you the sentence structure and verb conjugations. Use them both together and I think it'll be very effective. (well I hope so, because that's now my personal plan)

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