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Progress quiz at second checkpoint: 2.14

Previous edition.

It's approaching a score of half! However, I'm not as happy with this score as with my previous one of 1.53, since both checkpoints were after 7 skills yet I haven't got a steady increase. On the other hand, I guess there is always more to learn earlier on.

This quiz was harder than the previous one; there were a lot of verbs I didn't know, and though I tried to pick them up during the test I know I got them wrong (e.g. thinking "to finsh" was "fidi" instead of "fini", since I didn't encounter "fini" until later in the quiz). In addition, I made the foolish error of reading "onklino" as "uncle". Damn that -in- infix! However, I think I did alright with the correlatives, which I've been making an effort to learn although most still give me a hard time.

"Questions" and "Verbs" are up next, so I can see where many of the progress quiz questions came from. The next checkpoint is after 14 skills so you won't see me for a while. I've still been averaging one skill per day, but I'll have to slow down for all the skills with 7 and 9 lessons coming up. Wish me luck!

Have any of you taken a progress quiz? What were your scores? I'm particularly interested in you who took one last week, in order to rejoice over our improvement together. If anyone wants to take a progress quiz but doesn't have the lingots, just say and I'll happily give them to you.

June 13, 2015

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When I took the progress quiz, I thought it would just test you on what you know, but it tested on everything! I had spent 25 for nothing! I'm going to try it again once I complete my tree.

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