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  5. "A girl eats a sandwich."

"A girl eats a sandwich."

Translation:En jente spiser et smørbrød.

June 13, 2015



"Ei jente spiser et smørbrød" was considered a typo for "en jente". But as "jente" is a feminine noun, can't I lead with "ei" if I prefer?


You can use the article "ei" for feminine nouns if you prefer. I'm not sure what happened here, as "Ei jente spiser et smørbrød" is one of the accepted alternatives and when I test it in the incubator it did not mark it as a typo.


It is marked as a type for me, too


I said "en jente spiser en smørbrød" and it said that "smørbrød" is a "neuter noun" and said that I SHOULDVE put "et smørbrød", not "en smørbrød". What is a "neuter noun, exactly?


In Norwegian nouns have gender, which is essentially just means they use different articles and suffixes. Neuter nouns have the article "et", and the suffixes -et, -/-er, -ene (or -a).

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