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Google Map for Esperanto in the US http://bit.ly/EoUSA

There is a new Map of Esperanto-speakers and learners in the U.S. - If you want to be added to the map, please fill out this survey: http://goo.gl/forms/A61rgnKOKm It's useful to find people or clubs nearby so you can visit them and practice the language! Our numbers grow day-by-day! Join our Facebook group! www.facebook.com/groups/EoUSA/ The map can be found at http://bit.ly/EoUSA Please remember that this is work in progress. =) To modify the information or to receive more information on the people on the map, send an email to amikema@aol.com

June 13, 2015



It's also hard to find people nearby when some of the people on the map are there only because their usernames were trawled from another website where these people were either never involved with Esperanto other than a quick 10-minute look at the site almost a decade ago, or else have given up on Esperanto. I know your friend is ticked off at me for pointing this out (and then went and kicked me off the facebook group), but it really is a disservice to those of us looking for other esperanto speakers to be pointed to people that are not interested in the language.

[deactivated user]

    Wow. You couldn't be more correct. Some of the people near me aren't even learning Esperanto. They were speaking in Portuguese! :/ There needs to be some sort of Esperanto-filter to prevent this injustice.


    Wouldn't it be easier to set up a discussion blog where you post in Esperanto? Does such a thing already exist? I realize it's nicer to actually chat by voice but reading and posting in the language would be great practice.


    Wasn't there a map showing all the students of Duolingo's Esperanto course? I think I saw that once...


    Could you also post this in our facebook group please?



    The map can be found at bit.ly/EoUSA Please remember that this is work in progress. =)


    Is there a way to suggest corrections? There are a number of people listed in Georgia who have moved...


    Yes, email updated info to amikema@aol.com


    i'm in georgia! just starting out with esperanto, but i've been interested in learning for quite some time!


    Great map to find people around you! Even if you'll be the only spot you only have to wait and hope ;)

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