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Are video lectures about Duolingo allowed?

Hi everyone!

So, i've been using Duolingo as a teacher this semester and i stumbled into some issues to which i found a simple solution: To record and upload a full guide to the English for portuguese speakers course.

I want to do this because it feels like my students are always asking me the same question. For instance, they always ask me why the word order changes when you form questions and how to change it because they keep getting it wrong on duolingo.

While i would love to incorporate Duolingo into my class, most of my students aren't private and i have to follow a methodology given by my workplace, so i can't spend much time giving them explanations during class and it's frustrating.

My first idea was weak and took a lot of time. I just told them to keep sending me prints with their questions. Some of them did, but mostly they were too lazy to do it and just kept trying to ask me in person.

Because i'm a native brazilian portuguese speaker, i can predict which topics will confuse them, so i thought about simply recording myself finishing the entire tree and editing videos with gramatical explanations and tips to get my students to go on without having to consult with me every time about the same things.

These would, of course, be public videos, but i don't know if i would be breaking any laws by doing this, so i decided to ask here, since the devs seem to answer.

Hope to get an answer.

June 13, 2015



We'd love to get in touch with you silascouto. Look for an email shortly!


Look for an e-mail too!


Try running over the notes section of the tree again. Really read through it and try to understand everything. Maybe your students just don't look through all the grammar charts in the notes!

Another option is a grammar book. It sounds bad, but most of them describe grammar rules very well. Check around on Amazon or Ebay, looking at the reviews of the grammar books. You will find that one will better than the rest!

In terms of recording the solutions, I think you can as I have seen people do it on Youtube. I don't think it's a good idea as most of the sentences are randomized, so every time you get different sentences. Also, Duolingo is a personal learning software as it targets words which you find difficult and practices these more often.

Hope I helped!

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