Meet me at IJK on Aug 2-9!

I just registered to attend the Internacia Junulara Kongreso (IJK) in Wiesbaden, Germany, taking place on Aug 2-9, 2015. There you can meet Junesun and me as well as over 250 other Esperanto speakers. Join us for an awesome week-long Esperanto immersion experience!

Aliĝo al Internacia Junulara Kongreso

Are you coming to IJK? Are you going to another Esperanto event this summer? Let me know in the comments. :)

Sign up here:

More Esperanto events:

June 13, 2015


This is one of my life goals, to be in an Esperanto congress. :D

June 13, 2015

Aaargh, I wish I'd known about all of this four months ago when it wasn't too late to take more time off work during the summer holidays D: Please please please tell me that this is happening again next year and somewhere not too far from the Netherlands?

You could also go to the JES (Junulara E-Semajno) in Hungary over New Years:

Also, here's a smaller event in the Netherlands at the end of October:

Hungary! In around-Christmas-winter! It sounds amazing <3

It is! I've been to this meeting several times (in Poland and Germany), it's really great.

Mi ne volas esti koko, eble mi devas veni al KKPS :P

Aren't there any in South America?

The next one [2016] will be at Wroclaw, Poland. :)

In Wrocław?! That's amazing. I live in Poland and I'll definitely take part!

Wow! Thanks! I actually live in Wrocław :)

Yay! It gives enough time to learn esperanto a bit better... and Poland is where I live <3

That sounds doable if I've got enough time to plan it! Thank you :)

Here a link to a line-up of some Esperanto happenings: . Focus is on the club's meetings, "big" Eo events, and other ones (mainly in Germany). However, there is also a link to a calendar of Eo meetings worldwide. The "territory" of Esperanto-Gruppe Unterweser is approx. 100 km east of the northern border of the Netherlands ;-)

The KKPS during Halloween is a good start for people from the Netherlands, Belgium and West Germany.

I'll be there. In fact I'm planning to take 5 weeks out and go to all the main Esperanto events. Going to go to SES, UK, IJK and IJS. I won't be able to speak English by the end of it :)

Maybe the Superkaravano is interesting for you: :)

Yeah it suits me grand, I've already signed up for it.

That sounds like fun! :D! I live in Ireland too (and my name is Robert too :P) but I don't think I can really afford to travel, family doesn't have very much money D:. I hope to go to things like this one day though, have fun! :D

Wow, its rare enough to meet another Irish Esperantist, let alone with the same name as me. What part are you from?

Ahah yeah you're right there friend :). Btw I was born in America, I don't have an Irish accent but I have lived here most of my life :D! I live in Offaly!

Yeah my Dad's from New York and my Mom's from Cavan so my accent is a bit of a mystery too. I'm a Galway man myself, though I'm living in Dublin now.

Nice, that's cool :D! My dad is American and my mom is Irish too, such a coincidence :D! My mom is from Dublin and my dad is from New York, such a coincidence xD!

I'll be there too, but unfortunately I'll miss the last couple of days.

Wiesbaden, that's 3 hours by train from here, but unfortunately I don't really speak Esperanto yet. :D But I'll definitely keep Wrocław in mind! Until then I'll work a bit further on my tree.

C'mon, you have a whole month to learn it... we believe in you! :-D

Learning Norwegian/Swedish and Esperanto at the same time can be dangerous because of funny little words like "vi", but I'll do what I can :D

Just do it. I won't be there and this really saddens me, so if you have the chance, you should do it =)

Give it a try! Those meetings are also for beginners. :)

I am checking again the webpage... does anyone know which is the target age for such event? I am 28 and judging by the photos and program I suspect I may be already a bit older than the target public of the event.

Not at all, it's mostly aimed at people between 20 and 30, but there are younger and older participants.

Give it a try. 28 is definitely not too old.

I might consider going to this! I don't think I have the money sadly, though I live in Ireland which is pretty close. It would be pretty cool though, I'd be in Germany for my 13th birthday :D! (August 10th)

I wish I knew that much before... currently I live just a few hours away from Wiesbaden! Which level of Esperanto is required? Does the event also contain a course for the people who is not yet fluent? I read about the NOVULA PROGRAMO, but I am not sure about how deep is this introduction for the newcomers and which is the bare minimum level required...

I think I could push myself to make the whole course in the missing time but perhaps it isn't enough for the time missing... I wish it was a way to measure the level of language required for such events (sort of <<if you can understand and speak at the level of that youtube video is enough>>.)

No level of Esperanto required, newcomers are also welcome. Of course, the more Esperanto you know, the better you can enjoy your event. But if you're afraid you don't know enough Esperanto, you can also go to Somera Esperanto-Studado:

Thank you for your reply Mutusen :)

I estimate that I have to do about 5 duolingo lessons a day to finish the duolingo course at time... but it doesn't warranty I am going to be fluent enough to be there and express myself good enough or understand everything...

So I think I may better go to the next event instead.

You'd be fine... you don't have to understand everything. There will be other beginners there too and you'll pick up so much just being in such an environment. Just go! :)

relevant lernu course: (with a twist)

Bedaŭrinde mi iros en Florido dum la IJK (kaj tie mi povos praktiki paroli la holanda!), sed mi espereble venos al aliaj eventoj! Dankon por....dividi??? Okay, tried checking a dictionary, but its only verb for "share" is "dividi" and that seems wrong. Thanks for sharing!

Kelkaj tradukas share kiel kunhavigi aŭ diskonigi... nedankinde! :)

Mi ne havos feriojn tiu somero, pro mia nova laboro, sed mi tre ŝatus iri dum la venonto jaro. Bonvolu diru al mi, kio estas la gamo de aĝoj de la partoprenantoj ĉe IJK? Mi ne ŝatus esti la plej aĝa homo tie. Dankon!

Mi deziras ke ĝi estos granda sukceso; Esperanto bezonas multajn denaskulojn XD

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