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"Hun har drukket en hel flaske vin."

Translation:She has been drinking an entire bottle of wine.

June 13, 2015



Can we not use 'drank'?


It's grammatically incorrect, although I keep writing it by mistake too. Imo it should be allowed as a typo at least


Duo only allows it as a typo if it is not the correct spelling of a different word. It can be frustrating, but there it is.


I use "drank" all the time and since the definition as a verb is "past tense of drink" it is more than frustrating that it isn't accepted.


The correct English is 'she drank' or 'she has drunk'. It cannot be 'she has drank'.

In this case the correct translation is 'she has drunk' or 'she has been drinking'.


Sounds a bit like the Norwegian concept of "Helgefylla" I have heard about...

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