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Esperanto course not appearing on Android app

I apologize if there has already been a discussion addressing this topic, but I recently added Esperanto as my third language -- following French and Spanish -- and am able to access it from my desktop computer, but my Android app on my phone still only shows the first two languages. If I attempt to "add a Course," Esperanto does not show up on the list of available languages.

Is there any advice you good people can offer? :)

June 13, 2015



After a course comes out in beta, it takes a while before it gets added to the apps. The course needs to reach a certain level of stability first (measured as the amount of reports per 100 users, and this needs to stay low for about a week). I don't have the statistics for the Esperanto course, but I imagine that it'll be added to the app in a month or so.

For now, if you want to learn on mobile you can use Duolingo in your web browser. The mobile site isn't perfect, but it's pretty usable :)


That's good enough for me. Thanks for the reply.


It's not available on the Google Play (Android) or Apple stores yet so in the meantime, you can work on your other trees using the app (that's what I'm doing and yes I have an Android).


I'll just be patient then. ;) Thanks for the response.


No problem....I'm waiting for Esperanto to come out on the app too, in the meantime, I still got my Italian, Irish, and Portriguese trees to keep me busy until then!

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I clicked on the "Learn Esperanto" card, in Google Now, and it launched the Duolingo lesson in Esperanto on my phone :-) I guess that wasn't supposed to happen, but it did.

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