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  5. "En malsano kaj en sano"

"En malsano kaj en sano"

Translation:In sickness and in health

June 13, 2015



Woah.... stop there Duolingo. I'm not getting married, am I?


Maybe not, but it can be handy to know this kind of quote, to use in other contexts. It's the kind of thing that's common across a lot of cultures that have a Christian background, so it's something that Esperanto speakers from lots of countries might recognise. (Also, I once used it in translating a song where the English version made a passing reference to a similar line from the wedding vows).


Being someone who wouldn't know wedding vows, I wrote the translation and had no idea what it meant. The comments save the day again!


Gis morto separatos?


Why is "In ill health and in health" not correct?


Because "ill health" is not a legitimate english word


That's a rather strange assertion. It's a normal English expression, e.g. "He retired at 58 because of ill health". A quick check in a dictionary would confirm too: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/ill-health

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