"My female cat and my male cat"

Translation:Моя кішка і мій кіт

June 13, 2015

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It confused me because I don't recall the masculine form of cat being specifically (mentioned). With female it did say (female) I guess everyone should now know that ending with <t> It would be masculine. Will this app always specify gender or should we all just know at this stage? I'm assuming neutral would be кіто or something? Not there yet.


The gender is a lexical property of a word (usually predictable from its ending, in case you are dealing with Ukrainian or Russian). It is not something you can change. As you might imagine, animals don't have a word for a neuter animal of that species.


That makes perfect sense. Thank you.


A male cat is called a tomcat in English.


I have two Ukrainian-English dictionaries that list "кітка" as the word for female cat. One other lists "кішка". I believe that "кітка" should be accepted as a correct answer.


I used 'a' for and as there seemed to be an element of contrast. However, above on rhis comments page 'i' is used but tje correction in red uses 'й'. The last seems to be a typo (?) but I'm unsure of the correct form of 'and' is it 'i' or 'a'?


"i" and "й" have the same meaning, "й" is usually used after/between vowels. There are no verbs in this sentence, so there are no contrasting ideas really. You you rather think of it as a list of pets. "Моя кішка спить, а мій кіт бігає", now that would be a contrast (My female cat is sleeping and my male cat is running)

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