번역:나는 저것에 주의를 기울일 것입니다.

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My understanding of "집중" is that your focus is very narrow, concentrating on one or two things.

"Pay attention" does not imply the same level of intensity. It simply means to check on or watch, not to ignore.

"I try to pay attention to what is going on in the world.?" means "I follow the news of the world."

Do you pay attention to politics? Well, I know who the president is.

Did you pay attention to what she was wearing? means "Did you notice what she was wearing.

I hope we don't run out of beer. Don't worry, I will pay attention to that.

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Thank you!!^^

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나는 그것에게 관심을 기울일 것입니다 이건 왜 틀리나요? ㅠㅠ

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사실은 "주의"나 "관심 보다 대강 그냥 "지켜보겠다는" 뜻으로 사용하는 표현이다. 앞문장을 봤으면 좋겟다. 그리고 "that"은 뭔지 알았으면 도움이 될거다.

"Let's try to save money this month." "Yes, we've been wasting electricity by leaving the lights on. I'll pay attention to that."

Store owner to manager--"I've had reports that our customers haven't been greeted properly"

Manager--"I'll pay attention to that and make sure all our customers are made to feel welcome."

Principal to teacher. " I think there may be some bullying going on on the playground."

Teacher-"I hope not, but I will pay attention to that, and put a stop to it if it is going on."

Wife to husband.--" I don't think 정구 is making the right friends."

Husband. "OK, I will pay attention to that, and try to make him understand how important it is to associate with people who are a positive influence.

Girl to boyfriend. "Aren't you planning on going to college? Why haven't you been spending more time studying for the 입시?

"You are right. I will start paying more attention to that. We will have to skip our movie date tonight."

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집중한다는 좀 다른 의미인가요..?

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집중은 "focus"입니다

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that 을 저것이라고 하면 틀린건가요?

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That을 그것으로 해석하는 게 틀리나요?

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