"It is nice when other people think of you."

Translation:Det er dejligt når andre tænker på én.

June 13, 2015

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So this is exclusively "you" as in hypothetically people in general, right? For example, "You know those times when you brush your teeth and water tastes really cold?" would be translated as "Kender du de gange, når en børster ens tænder og vand smager virkelig kaldt?"


And not sød? I thouggt that fit sweetly in this spot.


Kan det være hyggeligt når andre tænker på én?


Can one not say "pænt" here too? That was marked incorrect.


"Pænt" is about how something looks and is sometimes used to express "it was nice of you" when someone does something nice for you. So saying "pænt" in this sentence will make it seem like someone is doing you a favor to think about you and would seem weird given the context of the sentence.


Thank you. So, could I say "det var da pænt af dig?" I think..I've heard that said.


Yes exactly.
"Det var pænt af dig at hjælpe mig med haven." - It was nice of you to help me with the garden.


det kan også være fint når andre tænker på en


Why is "skønt" wrong?


Why the acute accent over the é. It is not a common accent in Danish. Seems to be specifically for this word.


The function of the accent is to show the word is stressed when pronounced, because if "en" is pronounced like the article "en" it would not convey the right meaning.

Take the words "alle" and "allé". The accent tells me that "allé" means "avenue" not "all".

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