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How do I get more translation exercises into the target language?

Hello, this is a suggestion for future updates.

I am finding that in the lessons there is a significantly greater proportion of questions that require translation from the target language into the known language, rather than the other direction. For language learning purposes, can I suggest that, from level eg 10 and upwards, that it would be better to make a higher proportion of the exercises go in the other direction, ie translate from the fluent language into the target language. This would therefore represent a greater test of whether the learner has actually internalised the grammar etc that the test is looking for.

Is there any setting I can change that makes this happen?

June 13, 2015



Good suggestion, claylandsg. I feel I learn 3 times more from translating to the target language. More of that is needed, and preferably earlier than level 10.


Totally agree. I am getting extremely frustrated with the lack of opportunities to translate into the target language. I keep "refreshing skills" in the hopes to get more opportunities to practice, but maybe 3-4 out of 20 exercises ask me to translate full sentences into Portuguese. That's what I want to see more of. I'm not at a high enough level yet to help translate the docs and webpages, so the more full sentences that I have to create in the target language, the better.


Really really wish Duo would address this, or if they have someone could link me to their reasoning behind it. It may be easier now to complete lessons, but you learn far far less doing so... Native -> Target makes you think about the actual grammar and structure of the language you are trying to learn, as opposed to just picking out the main points of the phrase...


You can always do the reverse course which will give you more of the translations that you are requesting.


The reverse course also has the benefit that the sentence discussions are in the target language. I find it gives great practice in reading "real" Spanish, with slang and short cuts.

But the best part about the sentence discussions is that if I want to participate in a discussion, I have to figure out how to write my own thoughts which can be much more difficult than translating some random Duolingo sentence.


That's still very backwards.


I don't understand why the course creators refuse to work with us on this. I've seen so many posts asking for this. I'm honestly losing faith in Duolingo over this issue.


I understand how you feel. I learn soooo much more when it is translating to the target language instead of from

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