"Dagen afsluttes med en øl."

Translation:The day is ended with a beer.

June 13, 2015

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why can't you say finishes?


Or for that matter, why not "is finished"?


Probably a stupid question, but since both active voice and passive voice tranlations are correct, why not use afslutter instead of afsluttes? I think this section has indeed messed with my brain...


still waiting for an answer..


It's the day that's getting finished. If you say "dagen afslutter", you say that the day is finishing something. And the rest of the sentence wouldn't grammatically work either.
English has a slight problem with separating transitive and intransitive verbs, which is one of the roles of the -s verbs in Danish.


'The day is finished with a beer." That is apparently wrong. I am a native English speaker. I have never said 'The day is ended ....' I would say '..finishes with a beer'. However, I used the passive as this is what is being taught.


Typical ending after a hard day at work

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