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  5. "The couple has a son."

"The couple has a son."

Translation:Das Paar hat einen Sohn.

December 27, 2012



What I don't understand is why the conjugation of "haben" in this case is "hat". Because Das Paar refers to more than one person, shouldn't it be considered "they" and therefore "haben"?


It's one couple.


So that explains "Das".


I'm not sure why people are being downvoted for stating that it should say 'have a son'. I am a native English speaker of 42 years and would not say "the couple 'has' a son". There are 2 of them. They have a son. He has... she has... they have!


The couple has. Just like the band plays, and the family goes.


I just found out that collective nouns are treated differently in British and American English. I've been speaking American English most of my life, so saying "the couple has" is natural for me. Well, I just learnt that in British you would say "the couple have" instead. Now I understand!...


For comparison, how about this one:

  • "The family has a dog", or

  • "The family have a dog"?


Why ist einen

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