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"None of the attempts went well."

Translation:Ingen af forsøgene gik godt.

June 13, 2015


  • 2020

Is Forsøge the substantive, and at prøve the verb, or is there also a verb at forsøge? Thanks!


I'm not sure what you're asking about, but I'll try the best I can. In this sentence, "forsøgene" is the definite plural form of the noun "et forsøg". In the definite singular form: forsøget simple plural: forsøg - note how the singular and plural forms are the same without the article.

"At prøve" is a verb and means"to try", yes, but well, the verb in the sentence above is "went" - "gik". Yes, there is also a verb "at forsøge". It's exactly the same as in English, which contains both the noun "an attempt" and the verb "to attempt".

  • 2020

Thanks. I see where I was unclear, sorry about that. I was thinking about the differences between to attempt/an attempt and to try/a try, en how they would translate in Danish. At forsøge is clearly related to the German 'versuchen', while at prøve is related to the Dutch 'beproeven' (to attempt). Can they be used as synonyms, or are there differences?


Yeah, they're pretty much synonyms. Remember that "prøve" is also a noun like "forsøg" but like German "Prüfung", it means "(a) test" not "(an) attempt".


Why would it be godt, and not gode? Since forsøgene is plural?


'Godt' refers to the verb, 'gik'.


Hvad med "intet af"?

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