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  5. "Vil hun fortsette?"

"Vil hun fortsette?"

Translation:Does she want to continue?

June 13, 2015



I am Norwegian, and I pronounce the t, as the English word fort, but a bit faster, and the s as in sweet. It is almost like two words fort and sette.


Why is fortsette pronounced fortshette? I know rs is pronounced like sh, is rts also?


Norwegians like to omit some letter in pronunciation, especially "t" and "d". Like in "bordet".

So my assumption here will be that you omit "t", and then you are left with "rs" which is pronounced as "sh" :)


how come sometimes "would" is accepted and sometimes not? I typed "would she continue" and it's rejected..


I agree with you, Tiramisucat, sometimes in English you use would when you in Norwegian say vill, 'WOULD you like a cup of coffee?'. In Norwegian you WOULD say (På norsk VIL du si) 'Vil du ha kaffe?' So in many sentences would ought to be accepted.


"would like" is a weaker/polite form of "want".

"would " is the conditional mood. "Would she continue if ...".


Can this be translated as "Does she want to continue?" also?


Yes, that's our preferred translation.


I wrote that the translation was "Does she wants to continue?" But it corrected me to "does she diesre..." why?..


"Does she wants to continue" is ungrammatical in English; it needs to be "Does she want to".

"Does she desire to continue" is another option.

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