Sorry if there's a topic like this. I'd like to see an immersion tab to Irish as well ^^ Anyone else thinks so?

6/13/2015, 5:44:06 PM

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6/13/2015, 6:15:16 PM

xD Okay sorry then :D I'm new here.

6/14/2015, 6:58:41 PM
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Welcome! On the Irish Discussions page, to the left of the green New Discussion button, there’s a Search box. It can be used to discover whether a discussion on a given topic exists. I found it useful in creating my comment above.

6/15/2015, 12:33:20 AM

It's a shame but I didn't see it... lol :D Sorry again, and thanks for the help! :)

6/15/2015, 11:01:56 AM
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