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"Do you want to rent bicycles?"

Translation:Vil dere leie sykler?

June 13, 2015



Stupid mnemonic device for anyone who wants it: leie sounds like lie + eie, because renting seems like owning but it's a lie.


This is actually very helpful!! I use these all the time. Whatever works (:


Can I ask a stupid question? What is the differences between "å leie" og "å låne"? What kind of thing can be "leid" and "lånt"? I thought that I can't say "å leie et sykel".


å låne = to borrow
å leie = to rent

So you can both 'låne' and 'leie' a bike, but in the latter case you'd be paying for the privilege.


Tusen takk! Du hjalp meg)


Is there a reason 'du' is considered a typo?


I'm guessing it's because the bikes are plural so we're expected to be addressing more than one person. Though in fact there is no reason to think that one person can't hire more than one bike...


Why did the system reject my answer using du instead of dere? Both answers are correct

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