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"Hun kjøper en mengde forskjellige ting."

Translation:She is buying a lot of different things.

June 13, 2015



The couple instances I've encountered this word I've seen it paired with the preposition "med", e.g. "Hun kjøper en mengde med ting." Is this normal or am I mistaken?


Yes, 'med' is often used in sentences like this. But it's not compulsory.


Thanks! Does one sound more proper than the other?


I wouldn't say that, there's not much of a difference. Here, 'med' might direct the attention even more towards what is being bought, instead of the one purchasing.

'Med' is used in other sentences as well: -"Jeg er med dem" (I'm with them) -"Hun snakker med ham" (She talks with him) -"Hvordan går det med deg?" (How are you doing?)

Some more examples of 'med' (in Norwegian): http://www.nob-ordbok.uio.no/perl/ordbok.cgi?OPP=med&ant_bokmaal=5&ant_nynorsk=5&bokmaal=+&ordbok=begge


Is ´mengde´the same as ´masse´?


As far as I understand both translations, you can use both 'mengde' and 'masse' to express something like 'a lot of'. But 'masse' also translates to 'mass' (e.g. 1kg) and 'menge' refers to 'amount' (e.g. 1 mole, 10 pieces). Therefore it is not always interchangeble, especially in a scientific context!


What is the difference between antall og mengde


Instead of 'en mengde' could you write 'mye'?

Hun kjøper mye forskjellige ting.


I'm not sure about 'mye', but you can write 'Hun kjøper mange forskellige ting'.


I think we can count the different things so I wonder if antall should be written instead of mengde?!


Antall means specifically 'a number of' while en mengde means 'a lot of', or perhaps colloquially 'a whole bunch of'. So while they both have essentially the same meaning, this sentence isn't asking for the translation for 'a number of', so it's better to stick to en mengde here.

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