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  5. "This is night."

"This is night."

Translation:C'est la nuit.

December 27, 2012



Shouldn't it be - c'est nuit = this is night and C'est la nuit would be - this is the night?


Taking the "la" out is an English thing. The French would leave it in.

When you translate to English you typically ignore "le / la" as "the". In French you would say: "Le chat est noir" = " the cat is black"

But you coud also say ( I think my French is right here) "Le chat, le chien, et le oiseau sont noir" which directly translate to "The cat, the dog and the bird are black."

But in English we'd shorten it to "The cat, dog and bird are black."


"le chat, le chien et l'oiseau sont noirs".


ah, of course! Thanks for the correction. :)


Why not "C'est de la nuit" ?


Good question! the partitive concept is about "an undefined quantity of" something that you cannot count.

Night cannot be considered as "some night", that is the reason.


Would that not translate as "this is of the night", which has a different meaning? "This is night" implies the "this" you're talking about is the nighttime itself, while "this is of the night" implies you're talking about something (an object or animal) which has some affinity with nighttime. Perhaps Batman. "Batman est une créature de la nuit".

That's just from an English speaker's perspective though; correction from a French speaker welcome.


What does "This is night" mean in English?? (I am a native English speaker)


It's ike "this is nighttime". Same as with seasons in that you can say "it's summertime"/"it's summer", for example.

Now, why would one use "this" (or any demonstrative adjcective)? One situation could be pointing at photos, saying "This is day. This is night." It has its uses.

And, back to the seasons. Say you get the first really hot day of summer & tell a friend "Now this is summer!"

Good luck, buddy. Feel free to write me for anything.


Il fait nuit??? It was just C'est nuit in a recent question. Can sm1 explain il fait?


il fait jour, il fait nuit, il fait beau, il fait mauvais, il fait chaud, il fait froid... all are idiomatic.

"c'est la nuit" was the correct answer in the recent question.


Thanks Sitesurf :)

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