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  5. "Det er en snill hund."

"Det er en snill hund."

Translation:It is a kind dog.

June 13, 2015



"Snill" may translate as "kind" when referring to people, but it sounds odd when used to describe an animal as it implies generosity rather than simply agreeableness.


I completely agree. Kindness is a trait of humans that sounds very odd when applied to animals. "Nice dog" is the closest phrase that comes to mind.


And yet, non-human animals CAN show definite kindness toward other animals - helping them when they are in trouble (eg. stuck in waterholes, or hit by cars, or otherwise injured, often at their own expense). They respond with empathy. And so I think the only reason it seems strange to apply the concept of kindness to non-human animals, is because WE as a species have never given proper attention and acknowledgement to this aspect of their behaviours.


Is friendly not acceptable? It means the same thing but is a different word?


"friendly" translates to "vennlig".


Before I report this, I need to ask. Why isn't it "den," since hund is masculine?


You use 'den/det' to replace a noun. You use 'det' when you're not referring to anything specific.

"Den er en snill hund" would mean the same as "Den hunden er en snill hund" (That dog is a kind dog) instead of "Det er en snill hund" (It is a kind dog).


Why not "Det er en snylt hund." ?


"snylt" is not an adjective in Norwegian.


I read a Kind Dog book as a child :-)


I said nice, I know Norwegian very good, is nice a replacement to snill?


SarahAnn67 expressed my thought: as a native American English speaker I would never use "kind" to describe a dog. Nice, sweet, friendly, pleasant, fun, good, yes. But not kind. To say that reduces how fluent you sound.


Sometimes the sentences have references to books or films. I assumed it was to the Kind Dog book that was one of my favourites as a young child. Here's the only link I could find - maybe my mother should have hung on to it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kind-Dog-Monday-Angela-Banner/dp/0903368005

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