"It is my sock."

Translation:Det er sokken min.

June 13, 2015



Why is "Det er min sokken." incorrect? I know that possessive pronouns usually follow their object, but I took this sentence as the speaker emphasizing that the sock was his/hers.

  • Det er min sokk - That is my sock
  • Det er sokken min - That is the sock of mine
  • *Det er min sokken - *That is my the sock


I feel that den er sokken min should be accepted because if the subject were identified you would say den


Den is use if the object is a specific En (masculine) article


You can use "det" as a kind of unspecified pronoun (I don't know what the correct term is). I believe that in English, you can also say something like "It is my uncle", but if you keep speaking about him you would use "he". So the sentence above is correct, but if you keep speaking about your sock you will use "den". For instance: "Det er sokken min. Den er rosa."


So you use this in response to someone who said "Hva er det" and keep it consistent with theirs? Then change it when they're aware of what "det" is?


Can someone be nice and help me? Is not it supposed to be "Det er sokken minE"? Thanks on your time and answer.


"Det er sokkene mine" would be the plural version.


thank you again. du er veldig hyggelig.


My pleasure! Jeg prøver som best jeg kan. ;)


So what does mi do?

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