"La maljuna viro laboris en la kampoj."

Translation:The old man worked in the fields.

June 13, 2015

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"... en la kamp..." rezultigas 42 trafojn en tekstaro.com "... sur la kamp..." multege pli.

Supozeble lumbrikoj efektive laboras EN la kampoj :-)


Almost thought kampo was "camp". Significantly less sad, now!


Funny thing is that I am inclined to translate with "worked on the fields". But seen mathematically, any work on the field will be done within the confines of the borders, so "in" is justified.


It depends what you understand the field to be. Is it just the earth? Is it just the surface? Or is it also the space above the earth? If it's just the earth or just the surface, sur makes more logical sense. If it also includes the space above, en makes sense.


Something is wrong !! the sentences to be translated are a mixture of english and esperanto words!

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