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  5. "Will you call us today?"

"Will you call us today?"

Translation:An nglaofaidh tú orainn inniu?

June 13, 2015



Why is this wrong - "an gcuirfidh tú glaoch orainn inniu"


That’s probably closer to “Will you place a call to us today?”.


That's a pretty standard way of saying it though don't you think?


The exercises here tend to be written to prefer more literal translations, since the courses here are aimed towards beginning students.


"An gcuirfidh glaoch tú orainn inniu?" was my answer, as well. I think it should be acceptable, especially given that Duo has used the "cuir glaoch ar" construction for the present tense of "to call" in earlier lessons.


It's not acceptable because the subject comes after the verb, and the verb is cuir, not cuir glaoch. glaoch is a noun, and would be the grammatical subject in your construction.


OK ... I guess I see that. I am, however, still greatly confused by this language, and between that and the largely unhelpful answers posted in these discussions (which are often either nonresponsive or way too technical, and frequently rude, though not this one), I think I'm going to just sadly give this up as lost cause. I can see I'm never going to get much beyond "Yu Ming is ainm dom."


Nach bhfuill an nglaofaidh sibh orainn? ceart chomh maith?

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