"My photo"

Translation:Моє фото

June 13, 2015

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Because it is not masculine, but neuter.


Are there any trick to tell if something is masculine, feminine or neuter? Машина is female and чай is feminine, (whereas my inclination is the reverse, cars are masculine and tea is feminine)


What's the difference between Е and Є?


They mean different sounds. Е stands for /e/ in "red", Є stands for /je/ in "yes".

When after a consonant, Є means the palatalization of that consonant ( the "y" sound is lost in that case).


Є after a consonants mostly happens when we try to write Russian words with Ukrainian letters :D (couldn't actually think of Ukr. word with this combination)


Oh! And I thought why it is so damn hard to come up with an example :)

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There are really few words with such combination, one of an example can be 'ллється', which means 'is pouring'


Would it be correct to say that the values of 'е' and 'є' in Ukrainian are the reverse of their values in Russian?


You mean, if you were to transcribe the same words in Russian е →э, є→е ?

This is SORT OF true. However, Ukranian "е" is a more open sound than a typical Russian "э". Also, etymologycally speaking, many Russian words with "е" have a corrresponding Ukranian words with "і" or "ї".


Ohh, that's right, there's both є and э, I was thinking they were the same letter for some reason. Thanks for the explanation, have a lingot :)

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