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"My grandfather gave money to his grandchildren."

Translation:Mia avo donis monon al siaj genepoj.

June 13, 2015



"Mia avo donis monon al siaj nepoj" is given as a correct answer, but wouldn't that mean he was giving money to his grandsons, not his grandchildren?

June 13, 2015


It seems that in modern usage, nepoj can also be taken as the gender-neutral, unspecified term. While this is fine, it's not consistent with what the course has previously taught.


If nepoj took the gender-neutral term in modern usage, can I just use the plural for other terms or do I have to specify ge- for anything other than grandchildren?


I am not an expert. But after my investigation it looks that you use ge- if you're sure that there are female(s) and male(s). If you're not sure you can use plural. It works for all(almost) words.


That's what I thought as well.


Genepoj means "male+female", nepoj means that you do not know the sex. The same with patro. If you want to say "parent" you use "patro". Some people use -icxo for male.

[deactivated user]

    Far from being given as the correct answer now, "Mia avo donis monon al siaj nepoj" is marked wrong.

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