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  5. "Skriver du under det?"

"Skriver du under det?"

Translation:Are you signing it?

June 13, 2015



Could one also write 'Underskriver du det?' for the Norwegian term?


Is it the case with all phrasal verbs?


Unfortunately not, though it's possible with quite a few.

It's something you'll have to learn on a case by case basis, as sometimes the "compact" form has different connotations, or a different meaning altogether, and in other cases it simply doesn't exist, or is hardly ever used.


This is essentially our English "to underwrite", which has acquired some insurance-related meanings nowadays, but essentially means writing your name at the bottom of a document to show that you are bound by it.


Would "do you write under it?" be acceptable?


Although dl says its a valid translation, i have a hunch "å skive ...under" is to be taken as a phrase to mean to sign


10 points! "Do you write under it" is accepted as a literal translation, but "å skrive under" is indeed a phrasal verb meaning "to sign".


Fryktelig rar norsk setning. Tror aldri jeg har hørt det uten "skriver du under PÅ det?". Den mest naturlige betydningen, uten kontekst, av den norske setningen er ~do you/will you write below that? FYSJ!


I have also heard people say "tegner du under det?", is it correct?

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