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Unreportable (and undiscussable!) exercises

I've found it quite irritating for quite a while now that there are some exercises that don't allow reporting of correct answers. There really seems to be no good reason for this, and it frustrates improving the courses.

Put it this way: why would you disable feedback for some exercises?

This includes at least:

  • audio exercises
  • answers that are considered typos
  • single word exercises

In the last case I've just found out that there isn't even a discussion page where I could leave a comment, and therefore also no dedicated url that I could send to a contributor..

June 13, 2015


[deactivated user]

    On the web and android versions, there should always be a way to "Report an error". Look for it along the bottom of the exercise screen on the web version, and as a flag on the ribbon that pops up in the android app. Apple app has no way to report errors yet.


    Yes, but in these cases the menu doesn't have the option "my answer should be accepted"


    Those all work for me. Can you screenshot what you're seeing?


    Are you saying you get the option "my answer should be accepted"?


    I'm saying I've never had a problem with any of the things you're reporting. I think, as Teenage_Polyglot says, it's probably platform-related. I've since seen a screenshot from Jamie08MD showing what you're describing, but I've never run into it myself.


    I'm afraid I don't quite understand. What screenshot and what have you never run into yourself?


    I don't think this discussion is really going anywhere. It's fairly clear that I can't help you. :-(


    No worries! What I'm really hoping for is for the developers to consider this, but that hope may be vain.

    1. There isn't much you can report in the audio exercise, except that it doesn't sound right. In any case this seems like it could be a bug.
    2. I'm not sure what exactly you'd like to like to report in a "answer" that is considered a typo. If it is already accepted as a typo what exactly are you trying to report?
    3. Single word exercises have an automatic error detection system. If too many people get an answer wrong, it sends a signal that the image may be wrong.

    Some sentences may not have sentence discussions, and this could include word form exercises, or word images where you choose one right answer. The reason they don't exist is because they determine if there's something wrong with the exercise based on the error rates, and it could also be because these types of sentence discussions elicit spam posts, and irrelevant discussions.

    How much can you really discuss about a single word? A dictionary should suffice for those purposes.

    Finally, I'm not so sure why you're irritated. If you want to reach out to course developers you can note down all these mistakes and send/write one post in the relevant troubleshooting forum.

    1. Like I said, I want to be able to report correct alternatives that aren't accepted
    2. Because this is wrong, there is no typo and users shouldn't be told there is a typo. So the answer should be added to the list of correct answers. For this, the answer has to be reported, which is currently impossible.
    3. See, this clearly demonstrates the merit of more direct feedback, because in my example, the picture was perfect, but I answered with a synonym that was not accepted. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to report this.

    There are plenty of sentence exercises with empty discussion threads. The point is, you don't know beforehand which exercises will elicit discussions and which don't. Like I said, in this case I would have been able to ask in the discussion thread that my synonym be accepted, and I would have been able to use the url to report the exercise to a contributor.

    I am irritated because this is bad design. There is a perfectly user friendly system in place to report errors and it is disabled for some of the exercises, for no good reason. Reporting mistakes by hand to contributors is a frustrating experience and it takes time that we can't use for language learning. My guess is many people don't bother, so the courses receive less improvements than they should. While fixing the system only needs to be done once and should be a relatively simple affair.

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