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a flood of email notifications

Since I began being active in discussion forums here, one option in profile notification settings causes an unpleasant flood of emails: "somebody responds to a discussion I'm following".

I'd love to see another option like: "send me one email per day instead of one email per discussion reply". In other systems, this is a called a digest email, and it would go a long way to keeping my already-cluttered email inbox manageable. :)

October 4, 2013



I agree. The notification spam is a bit much, but at the same time I like to be notified because these discussion areas aren't very active.


Along with completely turning the emails off, you can (by going to the settings) control which emails you get. I only get emails for when someone posts on my stream. All of the other emails, I turned off.


I want it to email me if someone replies to MY COMMENT, not just anywhere in the thread. The little notification menu on the site itself does this nicely, but I'd like it if the emails worked the same way.


Yes, but another thing is some people don't know about the 'reply' button so they just leave a new comment in the discussion (the new users especially don't know)


That's surprising.


Yes, I know, but sadly it's the truth.


Couldn't you just set up a separate email folder and have the Duo stuff filtered to that? You could look at the folder when you had time and your inbox would be uncluttered. :)


I use Gmail label filtering. My Duolingo label has 800 emails but at least they're not in the way :)


i turned it off. when you login to DL your alerts will tell you the same things, so you really only need to use that if you login at least once per day


How did you turn it off? I'm getting tons of emails per day and I told it not to give me daily reminders and notifications.


in your settings turn off what you dont want but go back and make sure it took. I did the same on the website and the phone app. Once in a while I get a random alert on the phone but I think its a bug. when you install a new version the settings tend to stick. if you did all that and you are still getting emails I guess contact support.


Agree with you. Once you start to translate, you will get over 20 e-mails per day.

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