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"Kie vi aĉetis tiun manĝilaron?"

Translation:Where did you buy that silverware?

June 13, 2015


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It helps if you break manĝilaro down into each of its parts.

Manĝ- to eat

il- a tool

ar- a group

Therefore manĝilaro is a group of tools used to eat, ie silverware or cutlery.

June 13, 2015


I needed this comment. Dankon!


That feeling when you know exactly what manĝilaron means but you don't know the English word. Maybe I should have tried "Where did you buy that group of eating-tools?"


As a non native English speaker, sometimes having similar struggles. But it is good, since I'm not only learning Esperanto, but essentially also filling the gaps in my English.

Pro tip: use the dictionary when you don't know the English word :)


Is silverware the usual American term for cutlery? I think of a silver tea service or silver trays when I think of silverware; not that I have ever owned any.

Edit: Previously answered on another thread - Yes the words Silverware and Flatware are American terms for cutlery.


"Silverware," by definition at least, also includes hollowware (trays, bowls, plates, etc.) and flatware (also plates and the like), but, at least in my area, it's only practically used to describe cutlery.


Hmmm. Ĉu duo akceptas "chopsticks"?

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"Chopsticks" is too specific. There is more to silverware/flatware than just chopsticks.


Kiu diris, ke mi aĉetis tiun?


Is there a way to specify what kind of silverware you are using? Like, spoon, fork, spork?

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fork; spoon; knife; chopsticks
forko; kulero; tranĉilo; manĝbastonetoj

And according to Google Translate, Esperanto has developed a word for spork: sporkado.

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