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  5. "Чиї це овочі?"

"Чиї це овочі?"

Translation:Whose vegetables are these?

June 14, 2015



Why is це used here rather than ці?


Ukrainian supports both types of structures:

  • Whose are these vegetables?
  • Whose vegetables are these?

Or, more apparent in singular:

  • Whose is this book?
  • Whose book is it?

If you use «ці», it means the first one. The second structure always uses «це» regardless of the subject.


Thank you, I was just about to ask about that, that makes sense. By the way, you may want to change something small in your comment; you said 'strictures' instead of 'structures'.


well I wrote whose are these vegetables and was marked incorrect ! shouldn't my answer be accepted ?


That would be "Чиї ці овочі?" and not "Чиї це овочі?"

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