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  5. "It is a restaurant."

"It is a restaurant."

Translation:Det er en restaurant.

June 14, 2015



In the audio, restaurant sounds like "restaurang". Is it the correct pronunciation?


Yes, it's a French loanword, and it's the closest that Norwegian gets to the original pronunciation (source). Unlike Swedish, Norwegian hasn't changed the word's spelling to the arguably more intuitive "restaurang".


Why does one version of this question say that "restauranten" is correct while another version says that "restaurant" is actually the correct word?


Restauranten = the restaurant. En restaurant = a restaurant. If it's indefinite (a restaurant) you put the en before the word. If it's definite (the restaurant) you put the en at the end of the word. Jeg ser restauranten. You would say that if you had discussed a location beforehand.

[deactivated user]

    So if det is neuter and den is masculine, why is it "det er en restaurant", if restaurant is masculine?


    You use 'det/den' if it's replacing a noun, and 'det' if it's not replacing anything. 'Det' doesn't replace anything in this sentence. If it did it would mean "Den (restauranten) er en restaurant" = "That (restaurant) is a restaurant".

    [deactivated user]

      Cheers! You answered both my questions, you lovely and knowledgeable human being.


      what is the difference between et and en?


      En is for a masculine word e.g en bil. And et is for a neutral word like et barn. Both mean "a" but change depending on the gender of the noun.

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