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  5. "Sammen er vi stærke!"

"Sammen er vi stærke!"

Translation:Together we are strong!

June 14, 2015



I know that sometimes it happens that you change the order of words, but could you help me out with an explanation? Thank you

[deactivated user]

    Copied from a previous comment of mine:

    Danish utilises V2 word order which means that the finite verb has to come in the second position in a declarative main clause (= a main clause that isn't a question).

    You see that in the following sentence, er comes in the second position: Vi er stærke.

    If we add something in front of the sentence, the verb still has to be in the second position:

    • Sammen er vi stærke.


    Thanks for a good explenation.


    what is wrong with together we are powerful ?


    I love this phrase, but this is the first I've heard of V2 word order.


    Zarya Ovarwatch

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