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"Many people eat an apple every day."

Translation:Birçok kişi her gün bir elma yer.

June 14, 2015



Why is it wrong to use insan instead of kişi? What is the difference between the words?


"kişı" is used to refer to individuals. "insan" is more abstract and is a little more like "human" (it is also used to describe personalities)


Can you use Her gün birçok kişi bir elma yer as sentence order and if no, why not?


It is totally fine :)


Thanks! Though it was not seen as correct (yet) :)


October 31, 2019 - Still not corrected


I used kişiler instead io kişi, which is obviously wrong. Do you even use kişiler in Turkish an what does in mean then?


Kişiler = persons.
In the example sentence the Birçok already makes it plural so just Kişi is required


I see why birçok kişi right, but why is çok kişi wrong?


birçok = many

çok = a lot of


If that is true then I still can't tell the difference. In my English, 'many' and 'a lot of' are synonyms.

Edit: Oh wait. Do you mean that 'birçok' can only be used for count nouns and 'çok' can be used for count and mass nouns?

Edit 2: Then I still don't understand why 'çok kişi' is wrong, because 'a lot of people' is perfectly good English.


Actually the difference is that birçok is more formal while çok is informal. You can say 'çok kişi' but kişi a bit formal so you I would recommend 'çok insan'.


Teşekkürler abi.


Does anyone have a link to a really solid discussion of word order, b/c I keep messing it up and it has become my largest problem. Expressions of time and date, come first. Sometimes things like "her gün" also come first, other time they are wrong if they come first like here. No explanation given.


The order of the phrase is killing me though I write correct. Pfff :) This makes the difference I guess.


I thought I could say yer or yerler, but got marked wrong when using yerler. Is there a reason why it's incorrect?

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