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"These types of changes are normal."

Translation:Bu tip değişiklikler normaldir.

June 14, 2015



Shouldn't there be some kind of relation between "tip" and "değişiklik", i.e. possessive, compound nouns, something that connects them with each other like "of" in English?


I would expect this too. I have tried "değişikliklerin tipleri," but it did not work.


I agree. “types” is the main word, and “changes” depends on it, so I had expected something like a literal translation of “these change types.”


I also followed this logic and came up with "değişiklik tipleri", compound noun, plural. Duolingo didn't accept it. But it could be rigt, I don't know...


The words "tip" and "tür" operate like words of measurement. They create "x of y" forms without any suffixes. Bir metre ipek (one meter of silk), bu fıncan çay (this cup of tea), o tip değişiklik (that type of change)


that is very helpfull. Thank you and take a lingot.


This is what made sense to me too, but I have not been able to come up with an explanation for why değişiklik has the plural ending here. I have only ever seen the "x of y" measurement form with a singular noun.


I thought that is a noun compound too. I wonder why there is no respective ending in the second word. Can anybody explain that, please


Can someone explain the difference in meaning between the following words, please?

Degisim Degisik Degisiklik

  • Değişim means a change, modification, evolution, transformation. Example: "Yüzündeki değişimi hepimiz fark ettik" meaning "We all noticed the change in his face"

  • Değişik can mean different or unusual. Example: "O çok değişik biri" means "She/He is a really different person".

  • Değişiklik means "change" also. Example: "Kontratta değişiklik yaptılar" = "They made a change to the contract".

  • Note that "değişim" is more of a natural change (not caused by humans etc.) whereas "değişiklik" has more of a human-driven meaning. But most of the time they are used interchangeably :)


Thanks for the clarification! Presumably, in this sentence would it be valid then to to translate it at "Bu tip değişim normaldir."? Because as it stands at the moment, it's not accepted, but I wanted to clarify the difference in meaning first.


Yes it's definitely a correct translation and actually it's one of the accepted answers? :)

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Why 'normaldir' and not 'normaldır'?


it is an exception; it happens often that the a before an l is a soft a. Then it will be followed by i and not ı.


Thank you Selcen, this also answers a previous question of mine about "akşamki" (but "dünkü"...


Can someone clear this for me, please? Why not tipin değişiklikleri or tip değişiklikleri? Thanks


See Lew- above.


"klikler" I don't think I've ever heard this combination of syllables before. It's so fun trying to pronounce this :-).


You wouldn't seperate the word like that when you're saying it. It would be DE-Ğİ-ŞİK-LİK-LER :)


Why tip not tipler for types? Or is that just covered by the plural değişiklikler?


Why is "tur" wrong in this sentence!


Is "these types" not plural? Yet the answer is "Bu tip"!!


It says at the end that it needs to be "normaldir" instead of "normaldır". Why?


Is it possible to say "Bu çeşitler değişiklik normal" ?


What is the nominative word of değişiklikler??


The only suffix is plural, so it is already nominative. değişiklik + ler.

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